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NCrypted is a startup enabler and end-to-end software technology solutions provider, with 5 development and delivery locations in Helsinki (Finland), Colorado (USA), Ahmedabad and Rajkot (India). Our clients and affiliates are spread across 100+ countries. We create disruptive products and provide cutting-edge solutions that help startups and enterprises to kick-start their product without re-inventing the wheel. We help our clients create products with go-to-market strategy, products that have clarity and address the client’s target audience and end-users before anything else. With our pre-defined frameworks and over 40 ready-to-go platforms, we have easily saved around 70% of overall development costs for our customer companies.

We can come in at the idealization stage and help conceptualize, design, develop and execute the idea. We can help identify emerging markets, build world-class MVPs or full-fledged products and execute to ensure initial traction. Further assistance is provided for digital marketing, scaling up and funding, based upon qualification and market validation.

Startups can consider us as strategic partners, not only for the technology solutions but for the market know-how, GTM, expansion, scaling up and beyond. We want to make sure that our client companies and the entrepreneurs we partner with get the best out of our 12+ years of enterprising experience. Our goal is to partner with budding entrepreneurs worldwide to create the next big thing.

Our client companies easily succeed in securing funding to move on to the growth stage.

If you share similar passion, let’s join hands!

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