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We are a SME focused on quality software development, that means we only pick some project per year and we provide the same effort and high quality standard to all our customers. Our mantra is perform delivery always on time and provide a long term (lifetime) partnership and support to you.

We follow a SCRUM like agile methodology we invented by getting best practices from all agile methodologies, following the CI/CD process and a strict QA process, using docker containers, automated tests, and a custom workflow management system we built that will soon become a JIRA competitor.

Our main customers are in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Finland and Japan.

Our services proposal, we focus on few but we do it super!
– Automated tests and end-to-end tests design and development
– Hire an Agile Team
– Build a Custom Software from Scratch
– Recruitment of Developers / IT resources

Technologies used:
– React.js
– React-Native
– Vue.js
– Typescript
– Jest + Enzyme
– React Testing Library
– GraphQL + Apollo
– Redux + redux-saga
– Node.js + Express.js
– Go Lang
– MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, CouchDB, MongoDB
– Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes
– JIRA, Confluence, Slack

Here is a list of additional services we provide included in costs estimation:
– Warranty for 12 months after production deployment
– UI/UX design and Brand identity (logo design, visual identity etc.)
– Security – best security practices vs SQL-injection, XSS, DDOS, rainbow-tables, man in the middle etc.
– 16/24 H – 7/7 Customer Support by chat, call, voip, WA etc.
– Database & API design and development
– Detailed Software Documentation
– QA & free access to sprint/boards during development to check the progress

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