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Digital Kriktis is a quality-driven development studio, catering to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand their presence in the growing mobile marketplace. We provide a streamlined, all-inclusive development solution, taking clients from proof-of-concept all the way to product launch and post-production support.

Our Team

An important consideration for us as a development studio is to hire talented individuals who take pride in their work and provide a wealth of experience in their field. From designers and testers to developers and project managers, we’re confident and proud in the ability of our staff members.

Why companies and entrepreneurs choose to work with Digital Krikits

Quality-Centric, Native Development: Aside from being able to implement all of the features an app requires, we want to make sure everything functions smoothly and is properly optimized for each specific Operating System. In order to do that, we prefer to avoid cross-platform development frameworks like PhoneGap and focus on writing properly optimized code using Objective-C, Swift, Java etc.

Designs that stand out: Another key factor in the majority of successful applications is design: a user-friendly interface, branding that appeals to the right user demographic, proper use of colors and fonts – our creative team is tasked with applying a unique and innovative feel to every app they design, and they’ve always come through in that regard.

Stability: Our QA team checks the app thoroughly for bugs and crashes and makes sure to bring any issues to the developers’ attention.

Guaranteed Quality: Once the app is live, we provide support for another 6 months to ensure proper functionality.

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