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Our Mission is to save the world from cold

Datarob boosts sales by building full-cycle B2B lead generation and brings you a continuous stream of qualified leads.
What monthly results do I obtain?

A basic monthly package includes:

  1. 5-20 new, premium sales qualified leads (SQL)
  2. 5-15 sales appointments
  3. Generation of 1000 potential clients’ contacts that meet your ICP
  4. An outreach campaign for LinkedIn and email:
    1000 leads for email and up to 2500 for LinkedIn
  5. A/B testing, copywriting, audit and amending of email delivery, health monitoring, weekly reports, daily communication via Slack, Skype, or Telegram.
  6. An online real-time dashboard (Q1 2021)
  7. A dedicated team of SDR, Researcher, and CSM
  8. A compliment from SuperCat:

An SEO report on the top 5 competitors (by traffic, domain, keywords) dropped domains, LinkedIn replacement, SEO links or articles, and free research.

Most Common B2B Solutions:
1. Outbound outreach
2. Sales Appointment setting
3. Data research and data scraping

Why Datarob?

  1. Datarob is the only company in an entire market that focuses solely on IT and digital tech.
  2. Our mission is to bring results, not to send merely report tables.
  3. With a unique approach to each account, Datarob adapts to the Clients’ processes and follows their company culture.
  4. A motivated expert team and unique startup culture.
  5. A proven track record of B2B achievements. We recognize an IT Client Profile.
  6. Tell us about your pain, and we will offer a solution. If we are unable to help, we promise not to waste your time

When not to go with Datarob? You aren’t an IT, tech, or digital company
You aren’t ready for honest feedback and improvement suggestions
You require spam or cold calling services

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