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A worldwide leader in connecting B2B companies and helping them succeed


Connecting B2B businesses is what Outsource2EU does best! Whether you’re looking for help growing your brand awareness online or would simply prefer finding a company that handles all of your digital services, this is the place to be. Our goal is to keep both parties happy by matching up appropriate brands with benefits on each side! We know what works best to build brand awareness online, so you can connect with us today!

Outsource2EU is a company that was designed to do what many other outsourcing companies fail at. They are able to provide the necessary marketing services and help for your business, but with better results than you can achieve on your own- all without breaking the bank in terms of pricing!

We are a strong and effective team. Our innovative solutions have allowed us to provide you with such impressive returns, which is possible because we’re constantly seeking better ways of doing things. We’ve built close relationships and trust by accomplishing the goals that we set together as a united front there’s nothing else like it!

The future of Outsourcing


The desire for outsourced labor has sky-rocketed, as the benefits of outsourcing are becoming more appealing to all levels of society. When this trend continues in years to come it is predicted that every sector will be affected, and "outsourcing" will become a hot commodity!


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We want to know more about your business. Give us some details about you and what you do so we can provide the best services possible to help grow it!


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We will send you a shortlist of our choices. We’re going to narrow down the selection for your convenience and offer up some viable companies so that all you have left to do is choose who will help with your business!



The right company to select is the one that matches your needs, wants, and budget. We offered you our help, all there is left for you is to pick the best among the best.

Why Choose Us

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24 Hours Support

Outsource2eu's 24/7 support means all your questions will be answered around the clock and always by an expert in their field. The Outsource2EU team is always here with the utmost care, even at a moment's notice.

Admin Panel

Our admin panel is always accessible from any web browser, whether you're on the go or have time to sit down at your desk. Apply changes in real-time and communicate with our team for quick answers whenever needed.

Mobile Friendly

We’ve created a mobile-friendly website that is so easy to use on any device, you might forget it was designed for the phone. Scroll through our many services and see what we have for your needs. Interested in getting started? Click here!



Rilind Elezaj


Rilind Elezaj is an action-oriented leader with a digital first mentality and passion for helping companies grow quickly. An entrepreneur at heart, Rilind has spent his career enhancing the sphere of SEO and digital marketing in general. He is known for supporting companies through bespoke marketing solutions and continues to stand as a strong advocate in this field today.


Fatbardh Asllani

Head of Marketing

As head of marketing, Fatbardh Asllani is responsible for creating and accelerating marketing strategy across borders. He focuses on driving a vision of helping people by building programs to promote the values and mission of any company. Hard-working and self-motivated, he excels in all his responsibilities, be it brand advertising and research, content and digital marketing, media relations or even social media.


Doruntina Fazliu

Project Coordinator

As both a big-picture thinker and a detail-oriented person, Doruntina makes sure our projects are executed flawlessly from start to finish. She coordinates the equipment, meetings, and makes sure the team has all the resources needed to complete the assigned tasks.


Delvina Begu

Business Development Representative

Delvina Begu is a business development representative with key experience in the creation of effective strategies towards business success. Her leadership experience, strong communication, innovative thinking, and problem-solving abilities will allow her to build a successful relationship with your company while achieving growth goals.